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A US magazine article during the 50's said Castro forces used .22 Auto
rifles & 2-6 man combat team, to ambush Army trucks carrying soldiers.
Maybe US Govt now suppresses such reports because they fear such
weapons since they are cheap & with large supply of cheap subsonic
ammo can be hid, along with easy to make silencers, for later use to obtain
military weapons from dead or surrendered soldiers??? DoJ plan is to get
Supreme Court to declare UN Gun Ban Treaty above phony US Constitution
of the USA which has been in use since illegit US Corp Govt was formed in
1871 (jamesturner dot 20fr dot com) after Martial Law was enacted in 1863
& has not yet been repealed. When guns are being confiscated prepare for
recently armed Christian Constitutionalists, that are not killed on the spot,
to be sent to FEMA camps for beheading by guillotine under Jewish
Noahide laws. Rev. 20:4 Obama's advisers said, when they were young, that
25 million Americans' need to die. The 1917 Jewish run, Red Govt killed
65 million Christians in Russia. You waited for someone else to take action.
So Communist Frank Marshall Davis' Muslim son Barry Obama is that
someone & plans a bloody anti-Christ action. dixieland(dot)20fr(dot)com
DVD: 2 man combat: www.ThePrepperProject(dot)com/tactical-training