The Abrahamic Covenant was a covenant "to be a God unto thee and to thy seed…forever." (Genesis 17, Hebrew 6:13-20)
Jacob’s name was changed to Israel so his descendants who were inheritors of the covenant were hereafter known
as Israel (Genesis 35:10). Jacob had 12 sons each the head of his own family. These families developed into the 12 tribe nation of Israel (Genesis 35:22). In Genesis 48:16-20 Israel adopts his grandchildren making Manasseh the 13th tribe and received the promise of becoming a great "nation." (NOTE: The words adopted and nation have been removed from some new "Bible" translations in order to change the meaning of the verse). In Revelation 7:6 it confirms that Manasseh is one of the tribes of the children of Israel. Geneses 41:51 tells us Manasseh means forgetfulness. Today Manasseh does not remember its past.

In 745-700 BC the Assyrians took the northern kingdom (10 tribed Israel) with most of Judah into captivity in which they never
returned (II Kings 15: 29). The cities were restocked with other races of people (II Kings 17:24). Archaeological evidence shows the Israelites migrated to Europe and then to America to form the bedrock of their population. The Israelites were not Jews The Babylonian captivity (521 BC) involving Judah brought back Talmudism or Phariseeism the forerunner of Judaism. (Dan 1:1-2) Jesus opposed them. (Matthew 15, 23 John 10)

A 4th century Latin Bible describes Jesus as Iudaeus (Judean). Revelation 21:16 The word "Jew" originated from the play The Rivals (1775) and appeared in the revised 18th century KJV Bible. The word “gentile” is a mistranslation from the word "Goy" and "ethnos" meaning race, nation or people. House of Israel has been deleted from some "bibles" to justify the existence of modern "Israel."

In the 8th century A.D. the Khazars whose empire was located in what today is southern Russia (see Maps) adopted Judaism. They comprise about 95 percent of modern Jewery of 6 million in USA and 5-10 million elsewhere (number varies because revisionist historians (Institute for Historical Review, ihr.org) reject the Holocaust story. Ancient tradition, according to Arthur Koestler, identified Khazar Jews as Gog and Magog. The rest are Sephardi a mixed race.

Jesus: Go teach baptisn and I'll be with you until the end of the world.