By John Rambo who gives a text for a leaflet to be distributed by the thousands. This Comment on

Here’s one for ALL you watchmen on the wall : What if …. WHAT IIFFFF …. Fukushima was done on purpose … AND New Mexico was done on purpose … AND maybe in the near future is a tsunami and or HUGE quake on the West coast …. all by design !!?? WHY ??? Perhaps a deal was made with China. The NWO will get all the sheeple to leave the West coast. China will come in and “supposedly clean it up,” then keep it AS PAYMENT FOR OUR DEBT ????
Think it’s too far fetched ? All those sheeple moving east … with all their $$ creating at least a medium sized economic boom in the 2/3 of America that’s left? ( Then I suppose we’d have to make The New Confederate States Of America out of the original 11 states, not an enlarged 15 state version … cause there wouldn’t be enough room for all the freaks in the north ? ). dixieland(dot)20fr(dot)com Ya … I can imagine something like this happening. The NWO’s backs are against the wall … they’re thinking outside the box for a solution …. and one of the bozos comes up with some version of this ??? Mull THAT over conspiracy theorists !!!!