Why is interracial sex being promoted?

Girl above is my wife Debbie who, when not in disquise & wearing contacts, has blue eyes

It is all part of the plan for one world government. According to the Jewish religion they will one day rule the world via a world government. And that UN style world government will depopulate Earth to just 500 million from it's current 7 billion.

The author attended global government meetings back in the early nineties that were held in Prague. Most of the speakers were Jewish and they called for a mixed race of people worldwide that would speak English as a second language. They said that governments should offer money incentives to those that choose interracial marriage. Zion is fully aware that white females and black male have a strong sexual attraction to each other. My ex-wife Debbie, who had freckles and fair skin, viewed the Pale skin of whites as sickly and thus she thought that white people were less healthy than blacks. My father-in-law Elmer (RIP) had tried to warn me, during our marriage, about his daughter's attraction to black males and that I best keep her away from them by repeating to me, on every visit to his home, that "a nigga loves a white woman." We, along with white females, know about the canard that the black penis is much larger than the back penis. But research has revealed that the black penis, is on the average, only 1/4 inch longer. A longer than average penis actually causes pain not pleasure in a woman. Zion is a master of deceit who controls the interracial Porn business and makes an effort to show fake black penises or only show black males that do have a large penis and show, in comparsion, whites that have less than average size penis.

In a Dixieland we must create a more moral Christian society and it may mean we have to wean the 35% of our white women who say they have experienced interracial sex. We will need dress codes that are enforced by law and Christian burqas' may not be too extreme.

Let the creation of this website serve notice to the lazy and violent race that your days of being pampered and for black males, having, beautiful white women for your sexual pleasure is beginning to come to an end. In other words, the "white bois" are going to fight back and they were not all the wimpy queers that you had thought they were. As for Zion that has brought culture pathology to the land called USA...I think you know what you are going to get for your culture distortion

Zionists Use interracial Sex porn to not only Degrade & humilate white males but to brainwash white females too More

Tell your Mom that after a nation of Dixieland is created that she is to be weaned from bc too


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