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Assemble-it-yourself 5.56mm or 9MM 24"bbl sniper rifle kit (EdTheSniper.com) or shotgun kit w/welding done & slots cut. kits are $129 & up.Weapons are fully untraceable. You will always be armed. Print & distribute our leaflet.

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Starlight Night Rifle Scopes More

Instructions on building shotgunVideo

Conversion Guide for Gauge to Bore Size More


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THE CHOCTAW: 12, 20 or 410 GAUGE SHOTGUN $4 (if you have enough scrap), 3 hrs construction, 4X-SCOPE & CHOCTAW 9 MM RIFLE $20 materials+3"rifled adapter $50+scope & mount=other calibers, 3-4 hrs of construction .40 (Popular w/police as 9mm).45 Colt, .45 acp,.38, .22,& black powder muzzle loader More

Taking out Big Brother's Heavy Weapons, tubing & much more Prepper#4

The 4 southern Senators that voted to let the UN take OUR guns. More

Those who buy sell or transfer 25 lbs of ammonium nitrate must apply to register with DHS. Also, records kept of sales or transfers of the chemical for at least 2 yrs after each transaction. More

Grainger Tubing, Seamless, 1/2"o.d.,430 i.d.,(410 gauge=.410) 6', 1010 Carbon $22.04 More

12 gauge used Cresent factory made barrel on ebay for $39.95 starting bid More

Home Made 12ga Shotgun More

Flare Pistol Converted To .50 Cal Muzzle Loader or use adapter? More

<"1"font size=>12 gauge 2 3/4" chambered Riot w/Length=19 1/2" Probably 4140 steel $23.25 More

Grainger Tubing, Seamless, 3/4", 6' o.d. .620 id,(20 gauge=.615)1010 Carbon $21.09 More

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PIPE-GUN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnaCjEXjKy0



Homemade .410 shotshell reloading kit:


stainless Tubing, Seamless,.745 id, 7/8 od, wall= .065, 6 ft, 316 SS $111 More Tubing, Seamless, 1/2" o.d. (.430 i.d.), 6' & enough for 3 x 24" barrels, 316 Stainless, $36.15More

Tubing, Seamless, stainless 1/2" od, 6 ft, 316 SS .430id $36.15 More

Tubing, Welded, 5/8 In,(.527 i.d) 6 ft, 316 Stainless, wall=.049 $38.40 More Tubing, Welded, 3/4 " o.d.,(.620 i.d.)(20gauge=.625) 6 ft, 316 SS

NOTICE: We take no responsibility for any injuries you might receive from following the instructions on these videos. WARNING: Because of the high pressures, I'm concerned about the type of steel used in the construction of devices shown in the videos. SAE 4140 or stainless steel should be used for breeches & barrels. You might be able to use adapters made of 4140 to reinforce the breech. If you use 7/8 o.d. SAE 1010 pipe for a barrel with .745 i.d. & also use a 3" or 8" rifled adapter then you should have a cheap 9mm or More

Open Letter To The CT State Stazi Re: The Present Backfire Of Your Unlawful "Assault" Weapons Grab Diktat.... MoreNew 12 gauge Police 18.5" barrel 3" chamber $99.99 More

1/2 " black pipe cap $1.21 More

Homemade .410 Reloading Kit under $25 More

Get the hardware to cut a piece of SS pipe 19" and buy a 3" adapter or a rifled 8" adapter or a Colt 45 rifled 5"adapter. 9 mm is best on availablity of ammo.Tubing, Seamless, .0745 I.D. & near 12 gauge (12 gauge=.0729) size. 7/8" o.d. (.875), 6 ft, 316 SS - 3ACJ4/stainless $106.70. Excellent choice in length 19-24"for barrel. More

1.125 square tubing. Man in video uses this mild steel in 1" sq for case to hold firing pin spring. Copy &Paste:

$40 for 20"x 1" 9 mm rifled Barrel 1:10 to be ordered & then threaded for hex nut & chambered for 9mm with a reamer. (more accurate than adapter but blank barrels are not chambered & you may need a gunsmith) More

9mm Raw Blank 4140 17" x 1" 1:10 unchambered $34.95 More

Police use 9mm or 10 mm (DHS, run by dual Israeli citizens, has planned for 2 billion rounds to be bought by US Govt & used by Police against the people) in their sidearms so bad cops+DHS agents/varmites will want to share ammo.

.40 cal/10mm Gunsmith Edition Raw Blank 1:16 rifled 4140 CM 23" x 1" unchambered $49.95 More

How Ukraine Protestors Dealt With Armored Personnel Carriers (Object Lesson?) More

Reload A Shotgun Shell In A SHTF Situation Without Conventional Reloading Press.. Video

Building untraceable AR-15 rifle lower at home w/common tools More

Convert a .177 or .22 break barrel air rifle to a <>black powder gunVideo using a primer:

primer adapter

Safer Homebuilt .410 shotgun=Threaded on end black pipe, w/thickest walls, 18 1/4-24" x 7/8 o.d. x .745 i.d.+12 gauge to .410 adapter+threaded hex nut for pipe More

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Build untraceable & legal 9 MM or 5.56mm sniper rifle (barrel should be at least 18.5"):

In anouther pipegun video BC Truck shows parts & cost of $20 for a 12 gauge or $60-$120 (+scope & mounts=$38) for 9MM sniper rifle. The parts (30" x 3/4 to 7/8"" o.d. threaded black pipe, plus a threaded hex nut, & to use 12" x 1" o.d. black pipe plus 1" x 1" square stock. That 12" pipe can be slid over the 3/4" pipe & welded to strengthen the chamber, ) for a 12 gauge. we do not recommend you fire a 12 gauge shell in this gun. But probably you could use a12 gauge to .410 shot gun adapter. Then once the 3 slots are made & welding done as shown inshotgun video one could order a 12 guage to 9mm using the 8" adapter or 3" adapter. The 4140 tough steel adapter will make a stronger weapon but you might need to wrap adapter in .008 shim stock to get a tight fit in the pipe for the adapter.

Convert a .177 or .22 break barrel air rifle, w/primer adapter, to a black powder gun Video (Use a letter Z/.413 drill bit for barrel drilling instead of 1/2") using a primer: