Revised help-us letter from a Texan in Tbilisi to President Putin written before 2023

Putin above as he was beginning his stand in Syria

Dear Russian President Vladimir Putin,
You are reported to be a Christian. You have seen Zion, aided by USA & the Saudis, use the Islamic weapon in a school in Beslan Russia against the 777 young innocents that died there in 2003. This same killer, from the synagogue of Satan (Rev.2:9), has recently used Sarin poison gas on numerous innocent children and others in Syria in 2013.
We Texians have not forgotten the 75 killed including 25 children at Waco Texas in 1993 by the Zionist controlled US Government.
Zion's DHS will soon unleash more deadly measures against God fearing Christian people and their children when 19 ton tanks plus armored vehicles, with portholes for weapons, roll out onto the streets and drones fly against the people in Dixie who have little defense against such.

The Islamic spear, that is planned, is to be thrown into the heart of Christianity in the USA and will come from the hand of a Muslim in the White House and helped by those that pull his strings in the CIA who run the Muslim Brotherhood.
But with God's guidence and your help in assisting the separatists in Texas Mr Putin a nation of Dixieland consisting of 13 USA states, with a capitol in Dallas, can be born before 2023. This new nation will then, I believe, continue the struggle to free the other 37 states from the evil yoke of Zionism.
God bless you Mr Putin and goodbye.

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