AMERICAN FREE PRESS leaflet edition January 1, 2014

We all remember the nationwide scandal after Porn star Justis Richert (Barbie Cummins) gave oral sex, during a traffic stop, to a patrolman and that TN cop was soon dismissed. It is believed that members of Henry County Va Sheriff Dept also received a Barbie style treatment from "Sable Fux." The newest sex scandal may soon come to Sheriff Lane Perry. His deputy had been assisting porn Entertainer Debra Seay (stage name "Sable") who has seen her video 'wife Breeding' receive millions of website hits from online interracial (B&W) sex fans. It is believed she had hired an attorney for advise and the lawyer had contacted a friend in the Sheriff Dept and gave advise to Police on what action should be taken against an ex-husband and who had sent email to her workplace the Salem Virginia VA Medical Center, and inquired, with her, about renting a room in her home so she could give him insulin injections while he was in the USA for a few days. The American born husband lives in the Republic of Georgia and is acting ambassador to that country on behalf of The Republic of the usa which is the original constitutional government headed by President Tim Turner ( now jailed by Obama's DoJ.
Deputy M.W. Hudson, drunk on power in the new American Police State, it seems, never heard about the constitution's 1st amendment or about laws making it a crime to conspire to violate a person's civil rights. My wife is just an amateur and had made only 2 videos so you'll see what first time B&W interracial sex is really like. Prices below include shipping:

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