Either a Dixieland Beginning In 2014-2018 Or We May Die In WW III Unless Russia Agrees To Join For a World Govt

The game changers are coming in.

Reagan started Star Wars. Putin just leap frogged it. In 3 years the whole of Russia will be shielded. They can even knock out incoming missiles in space. Protected under that Umbrella, the US will be outplayed and open to defeat.

The world has forward invested and played smart. America has been left behind. Changed technology breakthroughs means power changes. As both China and Russia joint develop and project share in Defense weapons, they will fast track whole new generations of weaponry. America will lose that race. No money honey!

We need to LEARN to develop as Good Neighbors. Not kicking Syria's doors down for what America did all over Vietnam! Cut the double standards. Who gave small pox contaminated blankets to the native Americans for genocide?

The Russian-China starwars project is the reason for the current push in Syria by the USA. The decision has already been made for the defeat of Russia plus China and World War III is the vehicle needed to achieve this goal of taking the two superpowers out in a nuclear holocaust that would last three hours, kill 100 million Americans planners say and could destroy Planet Earth.

But a second option is being considered and that is to set up a UN styled World Government run by world Jewry (Zion). All races would be merged into a one mixed race on Earth and making up a population of 500,000 after depopulation programs have been sucessful. All people on Earth would speak English as a second language. Christianity would be outlawed and only Islam would be permitted as the offical one. The economy of this totalitarian superstate would be a marxist one.

We all must say no to the Israeli-USA Govt (Zion) plan for world govt with a depopulation plan to kill 90-95% of the earths 7 billion

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